What's so special about Home NAS Recovery?

Why Home NAS Recovery is better than Recuva, or PC Inspector?

A: In practice, there is no choice between Home NAS Recovery and these programs because none of them are able to recover NAS filesystems. They only can recover FAT and NTFS, which are not used in modern NAS devices. Therefore, you cannot get a folder tree and file names off the NAS with, say, Recuva. More than that, even paid and more powerful among those - the latest GetDataBack - doesn't support RAID, the technology used in all NASes having more than one disk.

Why Home NAS Recovery is better than R-studio?

A: Firstly, Home NAS Recovery is significantly easier to use than R-studio. Secondly, if the RAID inside your NAS has failed, Home NAS Recovery can detect the RAID configuration while R-studio probably cannot do that. With NETGEAR NASes, where BTRFS filesystem is used, you cannot recover data with R-studio because it doesn't support BTRFS. More than that, even raw recovery (file header search) doesn't recover your NAS data successfully, because BTRFS is kind of peculiar.

Why Home NAS Recovery is better than other RAID recovery software?

A: There are many tools capable of working with RAID, that is, tools to assemble a RAID given that you provide the correct RAID configuration. However, there are far fewer tools (about three) which can detect RAID parameters automatically, and there is only one software – Home NAS Recovery - in which the whole NAS recovery process, from RAID recovery to filesystem recovery, is integrated and fully automated.

Why Home NAS Recovery is better than Runtime NAS Recovery?

A: Firstly, we can recover data from NETGEAR NASes while Runtime cannot. Secondly, we can recover data after much more serious failures. We have to admit, though, that Runtime NAS data recovery, when it works, is slightly faster – maybe 15-20 minutes difference.

Why I should use Home NAS Recovery if I can try to get access to NAS data via Linux?

A: Using Linux commands is difficult and requires much better understanding the RAID technology than it seems at first glance. In the web, you can find a lot of NAS recovery recipes listing Linux commands to be typed into a Linux console. Although such commands helped in some cases, the very same commands used in other cases and with other type of NAS failure, completely destroy the RAID instead of fixing it.

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