To recover NAS data you need to pull the disks out of the NAS box

You should do this even if you need just to undelete a couple of files. This is because NAS is a file-level data storage server connected to a computer network and it does not provide low-level access to the data stored on NAS disks which all data recovery solutions require.

1. Turn off the NAS

Turn the NAS off

2. Get the disks out of the NAS

In the unlikely case if you have any difficulties with this, search YouTube for the video instructions for your specific model. With all common NASes the process is pretty straightforward.

Get NAS disks out

3. Take USB-to-SATA adapters

Take USB-to-SATA adapters along with power cables for them and prepare NAS disks for connection to a PC.
If possible, use USB 3.0 adapters to get more speed.

Take USB-to-SATA adapters

4. Connect the disks to a PC using the adapters

Connect NAS disks to a PC for recovery

5. Plug in the power connectors

Although USB adapters provide power to the device being connected, hard disks require much more power to operate.
That's why you need to provide additional power for the disks.

6. Launch Home NAS Recovery

Launch Home NAS Recovery

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